First Love - Gran Turismo 6

The latest game in the Gran Turismo franchise, GT6, launched with the idea that even the greatest racecar drivers have humble beginnings.

“First Love” was a three-chapter interactive social documentary that shared the story of racing legend Mario Andretti, and the car that started it all: a 1948 Hudson. First, viewers followed Mario’s journey to becoming a racecar driver. Chapter 2 featured the first ever, live social rebuild of a race car. Viewers interacted with mechanics for over five days of live streaming. Finally, the restored Hudson was reunited with Mario and recreated in GT6 for everyone to race.

Original Hudson Hornet - 1959

“The pressure was on for me the following weekend … I had the proverbial butterflies. Quite honestly, I always say that some day I’m gonna be so confident and I’m not gonna have any butterflies anymore. You know something, to the very last race those same butterflies were always there. What I came to realize was that unless they were there it would have been meaningless to do what I was doing. It means it was that important.”
Mario Andretti
Gran Turismo 6 InGame Hudson - 2013

Long Form Documentary (30min)
The website,, was the centerpiece of the campaign. But we also created a lot of other content including a movie poster, two trailers, four deep dive special feature videos, :30 TVC and preroll, five stop motion time-lapse animations that capture each day of the LIVE Build, OLA and a strategic PR push to gaming, automotive and tech blogs.

TVC :30

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